​The Green & Grain is a restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We serve sandwiches, wraps, salads and smoothies.



100% fruit smoothies

Reg 160z  6.15 or Lg220z 6.65

All smoothies are made with yogurt and dairy.

Four-berry: strawberry ,raspberry, blueberry , blackberry & banana

Strawberry twister: strawberry & vanilla cream

Banana berry: bluberry & banana

Coco loco: pineapple & banana

Euphoria sunrise: strawberry banana & pineapple juice

Euphoria ambrosia: peach pear apricot, pineapple & orange juice

Peach lemonade: peach pear apricot, lemon & banana

Mango lemonade: mango, lemon,& banana

Lemon squeeze: lemon & banana

Tropical oasis: mango, banana & orange juice

Acai jungle juice: acai, orange juice, pineapple juice & vanilla cream

Orange ambition: orange tangerine, pineapple,& banana

Banana apple cinnamon: banana, apple juice, vanilla cream &
Cinnamon sugar

Around the world smoothies

Canadian sunrise: strawberry banana, orange juice & banana

USA big apple: fourberry puree, apple juice & banana

Mexico: peach pear apricot, mango & banana

Caribbean: passion fruit, peach pear apricot, pineapple juice & banana

Australia:  strawberry, banana, & kiwi


Power smoothies22 oz 7.45

All power smoothies have whey protien and dairy

Iron man: strawberry banana, power boost & antioxidant

Meal replacement: fourberry puree, & power boost

Gladiator: mango, banana, power boost & immune builder

Amazon: acai, banana, antioxant & immune builder

Maximus gainer: strawberry banana & 4 tbsp of whey protein / 7.75

Zeus: passion fruit, mango, banana & power boost

Fibrefix: mango, banana, & fibre supplement

Stressbuster: strawberry, pineapple, banana & antioxidant & immune builder

Resurrect: peach pear apricot, banana & max power supplement


16oz 5.4022oz 6.00

Iced latte
Mocha freeze
Chocolate peanut butter banana
Arctic chai
Vanilla Bean